ANNECLAIRE is an expression of love for detail, for the highest quality materials, workmanship, always expressed love for elegance with grace and class. ANNECLAIRE is born with this philosophy, with this dual soul called even in the name for a woman who wants to feel perfectly at ease in the important events, in the most elegant soiree, yet still want to dress up every day with high quality that exalt their femininity and the pleasure of being woman every day.



ANNECLAIRE is research and use of the best raw materials: 100% pure cashmere, wool and cashmere, cashmere and silk, wool and silk, wool, baby alpaca. The Company uses the best Italian suppliers to offer customers the highest quality and a craftmaship care to each product.




The ANNECLAIRE Collection is the result of continuous and constant research in the choice of modern yarns, new volumes, new techniques, cleverly converted into a high quality kintwear using technology in step with the times and a particular attention to market demands.