The Emanuel Berg brand was established in 1989 in Cologne by Jarosław Berg Szychułda as a result of his fascination in classical elegance and luxury. The first store was opened in Marsdorf, Germany in 1995. At present, Emanuel Berg products are sold in over 100 stores all over the world.



The company has become a symbol of exclusivity in the production of shirts and blouses made of the best Italian fabrics and is respected and admired by many celebrities. Emanuel Berg products are worn in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris and Warsaw. Clients highly value both: ready-to-wear and made-to-measure products.

EMANUEL BERG is a family company with a family atmosphere, which makes it unique among others in the fashion industry. Jarosław and Petra Berg – Szychułda are not only company owners, but also personally choose the fabrics and prepare the collections.

“I have always loved shirts. I was fascinated by elegant gentlemen walking in white shirts in Sao Paulo” – recalls Jarosław Berg – Szychułda – “It is this fascination that is the source of the Emanuel Berg brand. I dedicate the brand to my grandfather which is why I have named the brand after him.”

When Petra Szychulda joined the family, EMANUEL BERG became a real family company. Petra created the ladies’ collections and from that time, the brand has been enriched with a collection of exclusive blouses.