Maison Marie Saint Pierre is one of the first Canadian luxury houses. It is renowned for its unique design, constant innovation in fabrics and assemblage techniques and its impeccable craftsmanship. It is a pioneer in the Canadian fashion industry. An established luxury fashion brand with over 25 years of tradition and excellence, it continues to spread a movement that goes beyond the seams.



Marie Saint Pierre herself has always lived through a certain duality between the different eras of the fashion movement, thus creating a brand of elegant tension and artful contradiction. A constant battle between power-dressing and sculptural art, Marie Saint Pierre is a tangible brand with strong intuition and imagination, combining elements from culture, art, sculpture, and technology, mixing them with style, expression and sensuality. Marie Saint Pierre proposes a fearless way of going about everyday life; creating a modern-day armor for the sophisticated woman.

With a complete online boutique as well as a distribution network across North America spreading into select addresses all over the world, Marie Saint Pierre also showcases its designs in its boutiques. Keeping the global women’s movement in key with the values of the brand, Maison Marie Saint Pierre created the Sous Zéro fund in 2004, to lend a helping hand to women and children in need in the Montreal area, donating new warm weather gear to more than 7950 kids.